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  1. Olá, meu irmão quer tirar o visto americano, mas no DS 160 perguntam se ele já obteve visto anterior.Ele já teve um visto e estudou lá nos EUA por um ano, entretanto, isso foi há cerca de 35 anos e ele não tem mais o passaporte da época e nem o número do visto emitido.Na pergunta: “você já teve visto americano?” Não há como responder “sim, mas perdi o número”…O que ele deve faoa=?Obrigeda.==========r=================Respzsta à pergunta:Se foi a tanto tempo, melhor responder que não teve.

  2. Its funny how everyone loves different bits of this album. Personally I wish the first track was split into 2 pieces so I don’t have to listen to Pt1 each time. I almost hate El Dorado as it just doesn’t seem to go anywhere… that sounds to me like a rushed song.I think Coming Home is more Bruce solo, but an interesting departure for Maiden that I am looking forward to hearing live and When the Wild Wind Blows is killer to me. The song seems to fly by and gives me chills each time I listen to it….

  3. To the Mr. or Ms. who is putting this event down as a shameful thing, are you even an adult? I can not take you seriously on here if you can not spell or you continue to use a letter for every other word like your in some middle school chat room. I think if there was absolutely no harm done and these young ladies have more money for their cheerleading team then this event has to be marked down as a success.

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  5. ai avut tu aprobare de “miting” ?stii ca daca scandai ceva puteai sa fii luat pe sus pentru tulburarea linistii publice ? Nu te mai da viteaz ca nu esti si nici nu pari.Gandeste si tu logic … daca nu exista nicio solutie impotriva chiciurei de pe cabluri … ce ai vrea sa faca eOn-ul ? mai degraba sunt vinovati cei de la Airbites care ii sunt dinainte de Craciun pentru o problema si ei imi vin abia pe 7 ian. providerul lu’ peste crud 

  6. this is such a fantastic post. i love how considerate you have been and think it's great that you've expressed your views on a matter that has been floating around my head recently in such a concise and direct manner. your blog has long been one of my favourites and will continue to be so, especially due to the type of self awareness evident in your posts and that you talk about here.:]xx

  7. ja, das ist wirklich peinlich. die puhdys habe ich auch mit absicht ganz zu letzt in die aufzählung geschrieben.die haben im gegensatz zu den anderen bands immer gute einschätzungen von den stasi-spitzeln bekommen. warum wohl? die haben irgendwie zusammengearbeitet.

  8. Objection #1: you misunderstand Hume’s view of oughts. You certainly can argue about them because of a constancy in human nature. They’re a matter of taste, we just all happen to have the same taste, at least according to Hume. You should get around to reading at least book 3 of the Treatise, but I’ve told you that before. And to repeat something else, Hume is a formalist. He’s just conservative enough to be not so keen about throwing away a society that works better than most in history. Hayek might be too, but I’ve never read him, only hearsay.

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  11. Chère Professeure, Moi j'aime bien quand vous parlez d'armes, de lasers, d'animaux et de sexe aussi. C'est fort excitant. Peut-on envisager un composite de ces divers éléments ? (même si je constate que vous marriez déjà avec joie les plaisirs des armes avec l'affection pour les animaux). Merci encore pour cette source intarissable de connaissance.

  12. Thanks for posting that info from the Dictionary. Unless Christie took the keys to all the snow plows and sand spreaders with him, going on vacation wasn’t negligent. It really falls into the category of “Not too smart politically.” On the other hand, telling the wife and kids that they’re going to miss out on their Disney vacation so dad can stick around and watch the snow fall would be familial suicide.

  13. Oh! I forgot something kind of faily about the new Harvest Moon, as well. Although your character is now customizable, the gender/sex indicator icon on the save file and the map indicator icon for your location are both based on the default appearance for your sex… so my pink-haired deeply-tanned-if-not-outright-POC farmgirl is represented by a lily-white blonde. Which is fun.

  14. Ah Sue, I too have felt this ‘suadade’…. and even when you cross the river and finally make it to the other side, as I did after nearly 7 years of struggling with infertility, the ‘suadade’ doesn’t completely go away. Ours is a unique journey – quite different than other ‘illnesses’ – it leaves a different kind of scar.You voiced this beautifully. thanks for sharing.

  15. quelle bonne idée Laurence … et comme j’aime à dire  » quel est le risque » ! pas facile n’est ce pas de faire une sélection ! mais la vôtre est variée et assez représentative de votre travail !je me replonge dans vos photos alors..

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  18. I love using dried beans, but are they any bean specific things to keep in mind, we use mung, red, black and garbanzo here regularly but I treat them all the same, is this ok?

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  20. Ah, Bob, they jump and scream when you come up in front of them, too. Do you have data to back up that assertion?Take your wife as illustrative. Mary has never jumped and screamed when she saw me approaching, but has done so on at least two or three occasions when I unintentionally sneaked up on her. And for some reason she always smacks me afterwards.Of course, Mary does startle more easily than most. I wonder if she read that paper on the “startle gene” that I sent her the link to.  Robert Bruce Thompson

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  24. No me gusta!I can’t wait to hear about the show, well at least the Jay Z part!!! Eminem can suck a fatty, No me gusta – I had to sit through him lip syncing at a concert once, I hated it (but to be honest I’m not a fan, all my friends that were, loved it!!! Like big fluffy heart shooting hot stars n’ clovers loved it.Get home and take a nap and recap soon oxoxo

  25. Nada, I’m so sorry about the loss of your loving husband- you have been thru one of the most difficult parts of life yet you have made an amazing sanctuary for your family in honor of your dear husband. I’m so glad you were able to fulfill his dream for you & your family- that is what makes your home so much more special. Thank you for telling me why your sanctuary is so special! Carrie

  26. I’m not saying I wouldn’t mate with them (male or female…i really can’t tell the difference in yetis) for the good of the solar system. But that seems like an awfully long trip to help a planet that, quite frankly, doesn’t look that fun. I mean come on, -178 degrees and no snow/ski slopes??? Maybe they should open some big food casinos to promote tourism. Until then, I agree…Mission to Mars CANCELLED!!!Jawikst, I don’t know what your agenda is…but how can you possibly say that’s not a sasquatch?

  27. Economic ostracizm… you need an endorsement, like say, a mark, to buy and sell… have you considered the Biblical irony of that? Especially alongside your criticism of religion. Of course the difference is it’s all voluntary, but be ready for that criticism. You may be paving the way for that to happen when society cycles back to statism. You’d better be d*** sure that your prescriptions ensure that no evil government will arise to take over? and force the ostracism.

  28. How do you make your ex boyfriend miss you when you go to the same school?We’ve been apart for two weeks now. He’s been avoiding me by riding a different bus.I would attend a class with him at school on my free time when we were together, but I don’t go anymore because we’ve split. But on the days that I really need to go to that class for extra help, what do I do? Keep avoiding him? Should I go to that class purposely just so he can see me?

  29. This family is one baby bigger than our autumn session last year. Despite how well these big brothers were at running around and roaring for the camera to suit their adorable dragon and lion jackets, there’s certainly some sweet little boys inside. When it came time to hug and snuggle with their newest baby brother, they obliged again and again! I think these three are going to be best buds some day.

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  33. I tried the vegan lifestyle for a while. It was not for me… I was open to try it because I care for animals as well as for my health, but during this time I did not FEEL my strongest. Then I read the “Vegetarian Myth”. If you’re going to involve your kids in this lifestyle.. I would do some more research on the counter arguments of being vegan. The book I mentioned really opened my eyes.. Strongly recommend it. I personally believe the Paleo diet lifestyle is the way to go.. Please look it up!

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  36. The problem is that we gave women the vote.That's half the problem. The other half is that we destroyed the standing of husbands and the institution of marriage in general, so that women are no longer asking their husbands "Who should I vote for, dear?" the day before the election.

  37. Ã…hhh Anna jeg fÃ¥r helt dÃ¥rlig samvittighed.Jeg læser ogsÃ¥ til eksamen, men har taget en “fridag” i dag. Men jeg har bare sÃ¥ vildt dÃ¥rlig samvittighed over det. MÃ¥ske skulle jeg ud og ligge pÃ¥ et tæppe som dig, og fÃ¥ læst lidt. Det mÃ¥ da være muligt!

  38. Ass. wr wbSalam persaudaraan dari saya..Saya sebagai pendatang baru di forum ini, jadi saya belum tahu apa yang harus saya lakukan dan bagaimana aturannya. Jika para sohabat mau mohon bantuan informasi semoga saya bisa bersama-sama dengan sahabat2 yang ada disini..terima kasihwass

  39. yep, droooooling! Sounds like a wonderful trip. So envious… And, I teach my 2nd graders to write an ending that goes baaaaacccckkkk to the story, not away from it. Your ending is a perfect example of this….won’t be sharing it with my 2nd graders but I sure do appreciate the ‘wine’ visual as a way to remember to remind them to go baaaaaccckkk to the story when they end it. thanks so much for this! Inspiring.

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  56. So good to see both George (Mariane) and Susan chiming in on the pork issue. Thank you. We just got a side of pork (a young pig). First time for buying in ‘bulk’. We know the guy who raised the pigs and he feed them well, and cleanly. It is thee best pork we have had in a long time–since Italy.

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  62. Strange. I thought Israeli soldiers were all trained in Krav Maga. Between that and the Israeli numerical superiority, they should have been able to subdue the kid easily, without gunfire. Also, if he had a gun the whole time, why engage them in hand-to-hand combat at all?

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